Night-time Blogging

I am almost finished editing Nocturna (for the seventh time… -_-), I’ve started a second book (and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth. I have WAY too many ideas), and I am about to go on vacation for a second time this summer! So far, I’m doing pretty good. Go, me! Hahaha.

And yes, it is almost 4 in the morning, and I am still awake. I would totally win a Healthy Person of the Year award, huh? Yup. Ooookay, so, I think I’ve damaged my brain enough for today while staring at this computer screen, so I’m gonna go and read on my tiny phone screen for another three hours because it’s perfectly fine to get negative two hours of sleep (because at this rate, that’s the only amount of sleep that’s even a possibility XD). Anyway, bye!

P.S. Just a note for the future, the later it gets, the stranger my posts will be. This is your warning. (GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!) Haha!

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