NOCTURNA Book Trailer!

Alright, so I know I was supposed to create a one-shot for the beginning of school and I promise I'll get on it immediately after I'm done writing this, but it's been a very hectic week trying to get readjusted to college, but I made a book trailer! Yaaaay!!! *chuckles nervously* If you haven't been … Continue reading NOCTURNA Book Trailer!

Q&A: How was a nine-year-old Alexei able to become King?

At age nine, Alexei became King in title only. The Council actually took over the rulings. Alexei was able to bend those rules and create several laws before he handed the power to the Council. At age twelve, a monster is considered an adult (though not always sexually), so Alexei was able to take control … Continue reading Q&A: How was a nine-year-old Alexei able to become King?

Character Profiles: Julian

Julian Born: Unknown Age: 24 physically, 3480 chronically Height: 6’3” Weight: 165 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Emerald green Species: Crow Demon Role in Palace: Advisor (Military), In Charge of Slave Trade Family: Father – Dominic (Deceased) (Crow Demon) Mother – Cierra (Deceased) (Black Mage) Adopted by Council Member Faustus (Pure Demon)