Quick Update

So I sort of just realized that Amazon only allows an author to put their book up for preorder for 3 months, so I'm pushing the date to begin preordering back to September 1 instead of August 1 so it could still be released December 1. (Gotta have those holiday gifts, right? 😉) Sorry for … Continue reading Quick Update


Ace Awareness Week

Ace Awareness Week! One of my favorite times of the year! As a person who is asexual, I love seeing all the positivity on Tumblr and Twitter, so I'm going to post some here too! For those who don't know what asexuality is, here's a neat little poster giving you some of the info you … Continue reading Ace Awareness Week


So this is completely unrelated to anything I'm doing, but it's 8 in the morning here and I still haven't fallen asleep so I'm pretty much just running on fumes right now, so please ignore any weirdness in this post (so, the entire post). Ahem, well, I thought that this would be a great time … Continue reading Random