Beastly Deception

BEASTLY DECEPTION is a novella about the sixteen-year-old twins Iliana and Landon Hargreaves. Born to a noble family in 19th Century London, they are  taken away from the only life they knew by slave traders and brought to work in the Palace of King Alexei, the ruler of the secret monster world, Nocturna.

The novella shows the events of the twins’ life in the Palace through the eyes of both Iliana’s and King Alexei’s. Iliana must find a way out of the kingdom while protecting her sickly brother from the monstrous king, no matter the cost. Alexei must decide if loving a human man is worth risking his position as King and eventually, his life.

Prequel of NOCTURNA.


One thought on “Beastly Deception

  1. I am a close friend of your grandmother, Bertha Mutter. She told me about it and I read it within a week and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to your next one. How soon will it be out?


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