Book Notes

This is the place where I will be posting many different things that relate to the creation of my books, Nocturna and Beastly Deception (since Beastly Deception is the prequel to Nocturna). Some of that could be the questions I asked myself before I began writing, some could be the things I changed about my book before it became how it is now (one big change was that Valon was first planned to be a Valerie), and other things like timelines and character profiles.

Check back ever so often to see what new thing I’ve posted for you wonderful readers. You can also make suggestions on what I should post on my Contact Me page.

The timeline shows the progression of events before, during, and after Beastly Deception and Nocturna. Characters Profiles are a big thing to me when it comes to writing a book. I need to know exactly how they look and plan out their entire families and so on, or I can’t write them at all.

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