Finally! Finally, Beastly Deception has been published. Nearly a year later than I first planned but, hey, that's life. You can preorder the ebook now on for $3.99 or you can wait until October 31, 2018 to buy the monstrous tale in paperback format for $6.99 and ebook format for $4.99. It's definitely a … Continue reading BEASTLY DECEPTION NOW AVAILABLE

Book Preview: Beastly Deception

Chapter One “Mother? Father?” Iliana questioned, confused, hovering over her bedridden twin as she watched her parents carefully. They stood in the doorway, faces pinched. Her father’s chestnut hair was mussed, looking strange compared to the neat, slicked-back style he usually wore. Her mother’s green eyes were puffy, as though she had been crying. It … Continue reading Book Preview: Beastly Deception