Short Story: Midnight Madness

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Ironically though, as those who follow me on Twitter might already know, this short story is probably my only piece of writing I will ever write that will have no love, of any form, in it. It's just typical that this is what I would post on this holiday, of all … Continue reading Short Story: Midnight Madness

Short Story: The Princess Vigilante

Hi all! Here's my very first short story, both on this website and, you know, ever. It's based on a story prompt by Writing Prompts, who I highly recommend following on Tumblr or Instagram. And now, without further ado, here is my short story: Story Prompt: To escape the life of her abusive parents, a … Continue reading Short Story: The Princess Vigilante

Next Novel

Well, technically novelette or novella, depending on the length, but it definitely should not be as long as Nocturna (hopefully). I'm not going to give anything away that would spoil either book, but I will give you a couple things about it: It's a prequel to Nocturna, so it's about a big event that is … Continue reading Next Novel