Q&A: When were humans introduced to Nocturnian society?

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Humans have always been a threat to creatures. Hunted for sport or glory, slaughtered for their fearsome looks, and marked as evil just because they are what humans are not. That is why Nocturna was created, as a refuge from the terrorization of humans, where they could all live free of fear. Alone, they were weak,  but in great numbers, they are strong. It lasted like this for many centuries, the humans and monsters separate but together. Kings of Nocturna made treaties with the Kings of humans or allied in wars with them.

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Writing: Training for the Real World

Spoiler Alert.

March 2, 2015

“Alexei, where are you taking me?” Valon asked, following the dragon King down the road. He quickened, moving to Alexei’s side and shuffling awkwardly as he glanced at the citizens bowing to them. Alexei held back a snort, motioning for their three guards to encircle them.

“Here, my love,” Alexei replied, stopping in front of a large, plain polished limestone building. It had many square windows and rose three stories high. Thin lines of shapes like triangles or circles or just thicker solid lines of green, blue, and red were painted over the white blocks at the base and on the roof.

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