Q&A: When were humans introduced to Nocturnian society?

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Humans have always been a threat to creatures. Hunted for sport or glory, slaughtered for their fearsome looks, and marked as evil just because they are what humans are not. That is why Nocturna was created, as a refuge from the terrorization of humans, where they could all live free of fear. Alone, they were weak,  but in great numbers, they are strong. It lasted like this for many centuries, the humans and monsters separate but together. Kings of Nocturna made treaties with the Kings of humans or allied in wars with them.

Then, after Gideon’s death, the Council took over for Alexei as he was too young to rule. They started planning, using their freedom in law creation to conspire and encourage the thought that monsters were better than humans. That humans have pushed them around for too long, murdered too many of their kind. They spread the propaganda until the citizens were crying out for human blood. Then the Council made their move.

During Alexei’s eleventh year, his third year as ruler, the Council created the law that humans would be kidnapped and forced to be slaves to the monsters. The citizens rejoiced and many of the men went about stealing as many humans as they could, sometimes entire families, sometimes just one human. Old and young. There were no rules to hold them back. The humans that fought back were killed within seconds without regret. It was chaos. The excitement died down a couple human years later, but many humans were still being taken.

Twelve human years later of the same pattern continuing on, the human Kings threatened to go to war with the citizens of Nocturna. The entire human race against one country of monsters. Alexei immediately took action. As he was only a six human years shy of twelve, his word was able to overpower that of the Council’s.

He proposed the illusions of mountains and sea, and the erasing of memories of the humans’ friends and families to avoid ever being detected again. Because of these being put into effect, over time, monsters were made out to be myths. Humans became terrified whenever seeing a monster in human form, so Alexei forbade monsters from leaving the barriers of Nocturna to not draw attention to them anymore.

Humans that were brought to Nocturna reacted much worse and would often try to escape or kill themselves out of desperation. This led to the need for human or semi-human forms in the monster world, and several laws to be put in place (no monster shall bring a human into Nocturna without permission and any monster that reveals their form to a human not being brought to Nocturna will be executed immediately and without trial.)

The monsters permitted to leave Nocturna to gather humans were limited drastically and they had to go through years of training to blend in with the mortals. Slave business eventually transferred to other countries and to America and though it was more time consuming to get them to Turkey, there were a lot more humans there. Only one human could be kidnapped per ten generations.

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