Character Profile: Riven

Full Name: Aristopheles (Contracted Name: Riven Dolan) Pronounced: Ah-ris-stoff-ah-leez Born: June 6, 437 BCE Died: August 27, 411 BCE (Murdered) Age: 26 physically; 2,452 chronically Born/Raised in: Therapne, Laconia, Greece Currently Lives in: Circle of Wrath, 6th Circle of Hell Height: 6’3” Weight: 190 lbs. Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Wine Red Species: Born Human, … Continue reading Character Profile: Riven

Character Profile: Blair

Full Name: Blair Matthew Whitaker Born: January 14, 1997 Age: 18 Born/Raised in: Whitehaven, Michigan, United States Height: 5’9” Weight: 140 lbs. Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown Species: Human (?) School: Whitehaven High School School Year: 12th Grade/Senior Job: Part-time cashier at Illusion Isle Bookstore Family: Father – Matthew Whitaker (Lawyer) Mother – … Continue reading Character Profile: Blair

Q&A: When were humans introduced to Nocturnian society?

Hey, everyone! Remember to subscribe to my monthly newsletter! Only 4 more days until it is sent out! Humans have always been a threat to creatures. Hunted for sport or glory, slaughtered for their fearsome looks, and marked as evil just because they are what humans are not. That is why Nocturna was created, as … Continue reading Q&A: When were humans introduced to Nocturnian society?