I’m Back! + Nocturna Book Cover Reveal

It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated my site (because obviously two months is an extremely long time), but I’ve been doing stuff even though I’ve been away from this site! Some of you might have noticed that my domain name got rid of the (.)wordpress bit in it. I also got some of my book edited, ordered some bookmarks that I’ll use to advertise my book, and I FINALLY GOT A BOOK COVER FOR NOCTURNA! Voila!


This cover was created by the lovely pro_ebookcovers located at Fiverr.com. Great site and great quality for low prices. I’m very happy with the way my book cover turned out.
Now time for horrible excuses for my absence:
– Appendectomy and recovery from surgery.
– College (and catching up on college for the two weeks I was gone. Ouch.)
– Life in general. Just got more stressful and overwhelming so I took a break and started prioritizing my school work. I’m back in business, though, and ready to publish my book within the next year!

Ah ha, yup. Year. Hopefully. Just gotta get my ass into gear and find someone to edit my book. But then after that, I’m home free and ready to write/edit/publish my other books!

Thanks so much for sticking with me!

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