Q&A: Hierarchy in Nocturna

So, as I expected, I didn't get around to posting a short story, though I have an amazing idea for next month now which I will start writing tomorrow. Anyway, I felt guilty about not having a story ready to post, so I decided to post this instead, to go into more detail about the … Continue reading Q&A: Hierarchy in Nocturna

Author Update – January

Hi all! This month I'm posting a little backwards because I'm not feeling very well recently (mentally, not physically), so I'm posting the author update now and I'll be posting my short story at the end of the month. Hopefully. Maybe. Really hoping I will. If I do, it will probably be scenes from Nocturna … Continue reading Author Update – January

Character Profiles: Concubines and their Children

Hi all! As I'm rewriting Nocturna, I realized I never really introduced the concubines and their children in the Second Palace (the harem/seraglio) like I did Valon, Alexei, Di, and Julian. Of course, this won't be as in-depth since there are so many, but I wanted to give a brief overview of their names, birthplaces, … Continue reading Character Profiles: Concubines and their Children