Character Profiles: Concubines and their Children

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As I’m rewriting Nocturna, I realized I never really introduced the concubines and their children in the Second Palace (the harem/seraglio) like I did Valon, Alexei, Di, and Julian. Of course, this won’t be as in-depth since there are so many, but I wanted to give a brief overview of their names, birthplaces, and species along with a few notable facts. The children all seem very young, even to me, but that’s because the age of adulthood is 12 in Nocturna and because they’re not human, they age in intelligence faster than in body. Also, remember that monsters age 1 year every 145 human years (1 monster year = 145 human years), so most of the concubines are well over 3,000 years old since several of them are older than Alexei and they have been in the harem for over hundreds of years, unlike Valon. Older readers might note a few inconsistencies with the original book, but these are the notes based on the new second edition of Nocturna. Hope you enjoy!

1. Sabina – a Mage born in Nubia. She is the oldest concubine, even ten years older than King Alexei himself while the other concubines are typically around his age or younger, but she uses magic to look younger, which is especially necessary because mages age faster than other monsters. She has one son named Cassian (Age 8) who lives outside the Second Palace, training to become the next king.

2. Laelia – a Pixie (a wingless creature prone to mischief) born in Ireland. She has two sons named Caelan (Age 7) and Cato (Age 6). Caelan lives outside the Second Palace, apprenticed as a healer.

3. Asta – a Naga (a half-snake, half-human creature) born in Mesopotamia. She has twins (Age 3), but their names are unknown because she locked them away in their room after they were held for ransom by one of King Alexei’s enemies.

4. Eirene (Deceased) – a Nereid (a mermaid) born in Crete. She is survived by her daughter, Serena (Age 7).

5. Kassandra – a Banshee born in Ireland. She has one son, Liam (Age 7) and one daughter named Annabel (Age 4). Liam lives outside the Second Palace, learning to be a lord of an Irish province under the tutelage of his grandfather.

6. Iphis – a Gorgon (a creature that can turn people to stone) born in Greece. She is descended from Medusa and is the older sister of Lord Marcus, the slave trader. She has no children (her first child was stillborn).

7. Regina – a Water Sprite born in Russia. She’s unable to speak, so she uses water images to communicate. She has a daughter named Dahlia (Age 5) and a son named Ciel (Age 3).

8. Tatiana – a Harpy (a creature with a human body, bird wings, and clawed feet and hands) born in Rome. She is unable to have children because of (rumored) illness contracted as a child.

9. Marina – a Kitsune (a fox demon with many tails; Marina has 3 currently and gains more as she grows older and more knowledgeable) born in Japan. She has one son, Kaden (Age 3).

10. Amaya – a Nekomata (a cat demon with 2 tails) born in Japan. She has one daughter, Aleena (Age 4).

11. Nahida – a Gryphon born in Persia. She has triplet daughters; Kara, Ara, and Sara (Ages 5).

12. Celia – a Faerie (a creature of magic with butterfly wings) born in England. She has one daughter, Willow (7 months old).

13. Valon – a Human born in America. The only male and human concubine in the Second Palace.

Thank you for reading! If you would like to read the first edition of Nocturna, find it here. Here’s some extra news as a thank you for sticking to the end: the ebook will be on sale from today (Monday, March 23, 2020) to Monday, March 30, 2020 on Amazon. It will cost only $0.99 which is a 91% discount, so make sure you grab it while you can!

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