I’m Back! + Nocturna Book Cover Reveal

Have you ever read a fanfiction so funny that you laugh every single time you think of it even months later? Well, okay, so I just read a Harry Potter crack fic (a fanfic made solely for laughter's sake, really) where, during an attack on Hogwarts, Voldemort and the Death Eaters break into song to … Continue reading I’m Back! + Nocturna Book Cover Reveal

Writing: Embarrassing Stories

Whoo! I was finally able to get back into my routine last night! I finished a whole chapter of my third book! Sadly, I'm only ever able to write on weekends... So yeah, not a lot ever gets done during the school year, especially now that I'm taking Latin. (I am dreadful at learning languages, … Continue reading Writing: Embarrassing Stories

Writing: Training for the Real World

SPOILER ALERT. “Alexei, where are you taking me?” Valon asked, following his husband down the road. He quickened, moving to Alexei’s side and shuffling awkwardly as he glanced at the citizens bowing to them. Alexei held back a snort, motioning for their three guards to encircle them. “Here, my love,” Alexei replied, stopping in front of a large, plain polished limestone building. It had many square windows and rose three stories high. Thin lines of shapes like triangles or circles or just thicker solid lines of green, blue, and red were painted over the white blocks at the base and on the roof. “What is this?” Valon questioned confused. The courtyard in front of the building was empty, giving Valon no hints. . . .