Q&A: Who Created the Monster World?

Most of these are actually questions and answers I created during the process of creating my story, so I’ll be posting many of those. If anyone else has questions, feel free to ask! I would love to answer them.

Alexei’s great-grandfather created Nocturna, though at the time it was not hidden from the mortal world. Mortals would come from all over the “world” (the Mediterranean) to meet the dragon King and receive blessings from the mystical beasts.

Located in northwest Anatolia (modern Turkey) and built in 7237 BC, the Great Ruler Rusafa made a peaceful world for the generally rouge monsters. His son, Khalid (whose mother was originally from Egypt but family migrated to Nocturna after her birth, eventually caught Rusafa’s eye) inherited the throne after Rusafa’s death, and though he was a great king, his name would never be as revered as his father’s.

Gideon was born to Khalid by a dryad named Emmillie of Greece. Khalid died shortly after in a battle allied with the human Anatolian prince. His mother died shortly after of heartbreak (dryads mate for life). Gideon was a wonderful ruler like his father and grandfather but went mad when his first and most favored wife (Lucianna) passed away after giving birth to Alexei.

He shunned Alexei for taking his wife away and though he would have given the title of heir to another son, the other concubine had only birthed daughters. He lasted for nine more monster years before he was murdered by the rebels and Alexei took the throne.

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