Q&A: What is the Council?

The Council is a board of six Ancients, all men, who have been around since Alexei’s great-grandfather’s time. They, along with the King, make the laws of Nocturna. The Council also takes over ruling the kingdom when the son of the deceased King is under the age of adulthood, while the new King, the son, acts as a figurehead. This is why the human slaves believe King Alexei is the cause of their enslavement and grief, though it is really the Council.

Lord Zavier is a Djinn, a form of demon, with slicked-back blond hair and a nasty temperament. He was one of the three main advocators for human enslavement. He usually votes against King Alexei, siding with Lord Faustus and Lord Caius.

Lord Ahmose is a Seer, born in Egypt. He kept the traditions and culture of his homeland close throughout the ages. He is blind, but he was gifted with Sight, the ability to see the future and even the past when he’s looking for it. He votes based on the future he sees and because of his foresight, he votes privately to avoid swaying any of the other Councilmembers.

Lord Akakios is a Werewolf, a young man with bronze hair, a kind smile, and visible wolf ears and tail. He is new blood instated by Alexei after the previous Councilmember, Akakios’s Uncle and the leader of the werewolves, died to even out the Council’s votes.

Lord Caius is a Pixie like the concubine Laelia and her son Cato. He’s a tall, muscular brunet with lilac eyes. He detests humans and sees them and also women as below him in all possible ways. He always votes against King Alexei, no matter if the decision would help the country or not.

Lord Faustus is a True Demon, a demon that was born a demon from two Turned Demons. He has glowing silver eyes, pale skin, and black horns that come out of his head. He is completely ruthless, striking down enemies without remorse, and he raised and trained Julian when the crow demon’s parents died. He votes against Alexei, but not as obstinately as Lord Caius does.

Lord Gaius is a warlock, similar to a mage but without the long lifespan. Instead, he uses spells and potions to stay alive. He is so old that even his magic can’t make his appearance youthful, so instead he looks like a wrinkly, old man with grey hair and beard. He sometimes votes with King Alexei, but not as often as Alexei would hope.

In their old ages, the Councilmembers have become quite power hungry. With the exceptions of Ahmose and Akakios, the Councilmembers have all lied and cheated for further gain, the most prominent (and recent) being the inclusion of humans in Nocturna as slaves.

They became much worse once King Gideon was assassinated. They felt that they now had another opportunity to do what they wanted to do with the country while ruling in Alexei’s place that they missed out on doing while ruling in place of young King Gideon since it was such a new system. Sadly for them, Alexei was skilled in the art of manipulation. He often tricked the Council into establishing his laws instead of their own by making them think they came up with them himself.

Admittedly, the Council is a very flawed system. It has become corrupt and its use has run out since the times have changed since the Council was first put into effect. Alexei intends to change it, make it better and more inclusive of all monsters and classes of Nocturna, he just has no idea how or where to begin changing it.


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