Character Profiles: Alexei

King Alexei Pronounced: Uh-lex-ee Born: June 18, 1160 BC Born in Ruzea, Previous Capital of Nocturna under King Gideon Lives Currently in Udea, Capital of Nocturna under King Alexei Age: 21 physically; 3,174 chronically Height: 6’6” Weight: 200 lbs. Hair: Black, almost navy Eyes: Azure with purple flecks Species: Water Dragon Role in the Palace: King, … Continue reading Character Profiles: Alexei

Next Novel

Well, technically novelette or novella, depending on the length, but it definitely should not be as long as Nocturna (hopefully). I'm not going to give anything away that would spoil either book, but I will give you a couple things about it: It's a prequel to Nocturna, so it's about a big event that is … Continue reading Next Novel