Next Novel

Well, technically novelette or novella, depending on the length, but it definitely should not be as long as Nocturna (hopefully).

I’m not going to give anything away that would spoil either book, but I will give you a couple things about it:

  • It’s a prequel to Nocturna, so it’s about a big event that is mentioned in Nocturna that happens before the book begins.
  • It takes place a couple centuries ago (I might have already said when on another post, but I’m not gonna say it here).
  • It contains two sections, each section being from a different character’s point of view during that time.

I do not know the book’s title yet, so that won’t give you any clues. Sorry! (Hahaha, I’m so bad with titles).

I think that’s all I can give you without giving too much away. Pay attention to the book, and you’ll figure it out on your own! (But will you figure out the characters? I don’t know.)

After the book is published and people have actually read it, feel free to put your guesses on the characters below! I would love to see how close you get.

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