Nocturna’s Current Status

Whoo! I’m finally back on track! I finished editing Nocturna (for the seventh time now ^-^’) and have started sending it out to agents once again! Honestly though, you really have to force yourself to stop editing and consider yourself done at some point, otherwise you’d be editing the book for the rest of your life. I am completely finished now, I’m storing it away, and I’m going to focus on my next book, which I already have two chapters of. The working title for it is A Haunting Melody, if anyone’s interested in demons.

I was also thinking of posting a snippet of my first chapter on here, maybe the first couple paragraphs. Any opinions?

Oh! I forgot to mention that I’m also writing a novella, a prequel to Nocturna focusing on the events that happened during the nineteenth century. (Don’t worry, I’m not giving away spoilers. Read the book when it’s published and find out what I mean. Hahaha)

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