Character Profile: Blair

Full Name: Blair Matthew Whitaker

Born: January 14, 1997

Age: 18

Born/Raised in: Whitehaven, Michigan, United States

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Species: Human (?)

School: Whitehaven High School

School Year: 12th Grade/Senior

Job: Part-time cashier at Illusion Isle Bookstore


  • Father – Matthew Whitaker (Lawyer)
  • Mother – Hazel Whitaker (Preschool Teacher)

Best Friends:

  • Alyssa Kowalski
  • Brandon Chen
  • Madison Daniels

Class Schedule:

  1. Homeroom with Mrs. Shields (Shared with Madison)
  2. PE with Mr. Sanders (Shared with Brandon)
  3. Trigonometry with Mr. Barnes (Alone)
  4. History with Mr. Turner (Shared with Alyssa)
  5. English with Mrs. Reyes/Mr. Dolan (Shared with Madison)
  6. Lunch (Shared with Alyssa, Brandon, and Madison)
  7. Physics with Mr. Andrews (Alone)
  8. Spanish with Mrs. Sanchez (Shared with Brandon)
  9. Personal Finance with Mr. Pierce (Alone)

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