Author Update – September

Hi all! Can you believe that September is almost over? I feel like it's still March sometimes. I don't really have much to say for this update. The Infernal King sales are going well, which I'm happy about! There's even a review on the Amazon page, which I was excited to see. I'm always happy … Continue reading Author Update – September

Character Profiles: Aurora and Adriana Galenus

I just realized I never added Aurora and Adriana to my list of The Infernal King character profiles like I planned after I wrote their short story, Eternally Yours, which is a backstory based on two of Riven's nestmates from The Infernal King. Sadly I don't have another short story to post yet, but hopefully … Continue reading Character Profiles: Aurora and Adriana Galenus

Character Profile: Riven

Full Name: Aristopheles (Contracted Name: Riven Dolan) Pronounced: Ah-ris-stoff-ah-leez Born: June 6, 437 BCE Died: August 27, 411 BCE (Murdered) Age: 26 physically; 2,452 chronically Born/Raised in: Therapne, Laconia, Greece Currently Lives in: Circle of Wrath, 6th Circle of Hell Height: 6’3” Weight: 190 lbs. Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Wine Red Species: Born Human, … Continue reading Character Profile: Riven