Hi all!

This is just a short post to say that, unfortunately, there won’t be a short story this month, mostly because my mind is a muddled mess and won’t let me focus enough to write, but I do have news!


Since I can’t wait any longer, I’m finally going to reveal my cover for my newest book, The Infernal King, when I post my monthly author update on May 29th! I’m excited for everyone to see it. I love it, more than any of my other book covers, so I hope you all love it as well. I’ll also be giving a bit more details about eventually preordering the book.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post the short story I wanted to write next month instead. It’s an idea I really want to try to put my own spin on, and some of you might have seen me talk about it on Twitter. The first werewolf short story? Yep, I’m struggling to write it but I’m determined to finish it! …Well, um, start it, actually. Then finish it. But at least the character profiles for Blair and Riven from The Infernal King might make up for the disappointment of not getting a new story. Remember, Riven’s profile comes out next Wednesday, and Blair’s character profile is already posted!

I’m crossing my fingers that my brain will start being creative again soon. See you on May 29th for the “official” monthly author update (and the cover reveal!!! I wish I could put those emoji confetti poppers in my blog posts, because this deserves them).

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