Ace Awareness Week

Ace Awareness Week! One of my favorite times of the year! As a person who is asexual, I love seeing all the positivity on Tumblr and Twitter, so I’m going to post some here too!

For those who don’t know what asexuality is, here’s a neat little poster giving you some of the info you need:

Other sites I totally recommend you check out are the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) website, or, if you’re more of a person who likes personal stories and discussion, I would recommend a couple Tumblr blogs like The Asexuality Blog, Affirm-ace-ions, and Asexual Advice.

Before closing this, I would just like to say a couple more things.

One of my characters in my newest book, THE INFERNAL KING, is asexual, which is a sexual orientation on the asexual spectrum.

A character in my currently-developing novel A SPARTAN WOMAN is going to be demisexual.

Landon, in my BEASTLY DECEPTION novel, is someone who I had actually planned to be asexual or at least gray-asexual (another orientation on the asexual spectrum), but my book didn’t follow through with it. But Blair, from THE INFERNAL KING, is asexual, so I’m happy about that!

My point by saying this is: asexuality is valid. It is just as real as any other sexuality. I use it as a sexuality for many of my characters because, as people say, you write from what you know best. But another main reason for me is because more people need to learn about asexuality.

Thank you for reading this and happy Ace Awareness Week!

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