Author Update – May (+ COVER REVEAL!)

Hi all!

I hope you all have been as eagerly awaiting this day as I have, but I highly doubt it. I am so happy to finally share the cover for my newest book, The Infernal King! Okay, I won’t delay any longer.

The Infernal King Cover

Ta-dah! Isn’t it pretty? I’m excited. Can you tell?

Anyway, for those who might not remember or for those who are new to my website, here’s the book’s summary:


Blair Whitaker is overcome with pain in the middle of the night the second his eighteenth birthday arrives. It feels like he’s burning alive. Days later, he is attacked in a back alley on his way home from school and accidentally summons a demon named Riven to save him.

With all the strange things happening around town that started soon after Blair’s birthday, Blair must discover what Riven is hiding from him and why the soul-eating demon is so concerned with keeping Blair alive.

Now, I should apologize. I was going to have the book available for preorder starting June 28th, but my scheduling got a bit away from me (self-scheduling is definitely one of the drawbacks of being a self-published author – I give myself an inch and I take a mile when it comes to my “vacation days”).

So, instead of June 28th, The Infernal King will be available to preorder on July 28th on Amazon. I’m also publishing this book on other sites this time around (iBooks, Nook, Kobo, etc.), so I’m trying to see if I can do preorders on those too, but for now it’s just Amazon.

The release date is still the same (August 28th), so no worries about that. I will also be posting the prologue and the first chapter of The Infernal King next month instead of a short story to give you a sneak peek.

I’m also trying to decide if I should do a giveaway contest for my book. Those who sign up for my email list would be able to enter the giveaway for free ebook copies of The Infernal King, but I’m still debating if I should do it at all. If you think I should, please let me know in the comments!

I think that’s all I have to say? Yeah, pretty sure.

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Thanks for reading!

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