Sadly, this is the truth of the matter. I hate editing so much. Really, I do. But it’s definitely worth it too. I didn’t really expect that taking a month’s break from it would help so much. I edited it 5 times right after I finished, and I couldn’t find much to change. The last two times, I waited a while, and it really helped me decide what I was missing and what I needed to delete. Agents and editors really know what they’re talking about when they say to just store away your manuscript and distract yourself with another project. Have fun writing!


Forever and Always Support!


This definitely deserves to be on my blog, in light of the recent (and wonderful) events. I will always support LGBTA+ people and rights, so if you don’t, save yourself some time, a headache, and a debate in my comments by getting off my website.

(Though I really don’t know why you’d be on here anyway, considering my book is about a GAY pairing… :/ oookay then, smart move, buddy.)

Happy marriage to everyone! Congratulations!!!!

BTW, totally unrelated, but also not, the only A’s in LGBTA+ I accept are Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender. NO ALLYS. (It’s very nice sentiment, honestly, it is, but no. An ally is not actually on the LGBTA+ spectrum.) — FOR FUTURE REFERENCE

Character Profiles: Alexei

King Alexei

Alexei, Credited to Jasmine W.

Alexei, Credited to Jasmine W.

Pronounced: Uh-lex-ee

Born: June 18, 1160 BC

Born in Ruzea, Previous Capital of Nocturna under King Gideon

Lives Currently in Udea, Capital of Nocturna under King Alexei

Age: 21 physically; 3,174 chronically

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 200 lbs.

Hair: Black, almost navy

Eyes: Azure with purple flecks

Species: Water Dragon

Role in the Palace: King, Commander of Army


  • Great-Grandfather – Rusafa (Deceased)
  • Grandfather – Khalid (Deceased)
  • Father – Gideon (Deceased)
  • Mother – Lucianna (Deceased)
  • Sister (Older) – *Confidential*
  • Twenty-five Half-Sisters from Father’s Concubines


  • Detests politics and the Council
  • Became ruler at age 9
  • Has 13 concubines including Valon
  • Abused by father
  • Mother died in childbirth

Next Novel

Well, technically novelette or novella, depending on the length, but it definitely should not be as long as Nocturna (hopefully).

I’m not going to give anything away that would spoil either book, but I will give you a couple things about it:

  • It’s a prequel to Nocturna, so it’s about a big event that is mentioned in Nocturna that happens before the book begins.
  • It takes place a couple centuries ago (I might have already said when on another post, but I’m not gonna say it here).
  • It contains two sections, each section being from a different character’s point of view during that time.

I do not know the book’s title yet, so that won’t give you any clues. Sorry! (Hahaha, I’m so bad with titles).

I think that’s all I can give you without giving too much away. Pay attention to the book, and you’ll figure it out on your own! (But will you figure out the characters? I don’t know.)

After the book is published and people have actually read it, feel free to put your guesses on the characters below! I would love to see how close you get.


So this is completely unrelated to anything I’m doing, but it’s 8 in the morning here and I still haven’t fallen asleep so I’m pretty much just running on fumes right now, so please ignore any weirdness in this post (so, the entire post).

Ahem, well, I thought that this would be a great time to introduce my lovely Angel, my cat who appears to be extremely adorable in the early morning sunlight:

Angel 1

Angel 2

Nocturna’s Current Status

Whoo! I’m finally back on track! I finished editing Nocturna (for the seventh time now ^-^’) and have started sending it out to agents once again! Honestly though, you really have to force yourself to stop editing and consider yourself done at some point, otherwise you’d be editing the book for the rest of your life. I am completely finished now, I’m storing it away, and I’m going to focus on my next book, which I already have two chapters of. The working title for it is A Haunting Melody, if anyone’s interested in demons.

I was also thinking of posting a snippet of my first chapter on here, maybe the first couple paragraphs. Any opinions?

Oh! I forgot to mention that I’m also writing a novella, a prequel to Nocturna focusing on the events that happened during the nineteenth century. (Don’t worry, I’m not giving away spoilers. Read the book when it’s published and find out what I mean. Hahaha)

Writing: Happy Father’s Day!

(Even though technically this is a day late, since I only just came up with it at 1 in the morning, oops.)

Spoiler Alert.

June 2015 – Post-Nocturna

“What are you doing?” Alexei asked from his place on one of the garden’s many benches as I gathered a multitude of flowers in my hand. I walked over and tugged his thin, blue ribbon out of his hair, letting his silky black locks flow freely down his chest, then wrapped it around my flowers.

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Character Profile: Valon

Valon Wess, Credited to Jasmine Williams, Nocturna's first fan artist and my best friend.

Valon Wess, Credited to Jasmine W.

Full Name: Valon Mason Wess

Born: November 1, 1995

Born/Raised in: Laris, New York, United States

Age: 19

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair Color: Chestnut Brown

Eye Color: Green Eyes, Gold Tint

Species: Human

Role in the Palace: Concubine


  • Father – Eric Wess (Governor)
  • Mother – Lana Wess (Artist)
  • Sister (Younger) – Kylie Wess

Night-time Blogging

I am almost finished editing Nocturna (for the seventh time… -_-), I’ve started a second book (and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth. I have WAY too many ideas), and I am about to go on vacation for a second time this summer! So far, I’m doing pretty good. Go, me! Hahaha.

And yes, it is almost 4 in the morning, and I am still awake. I would totally win a Healthy Person of the Year award, huh? Yup. Ooookay, so, I think I’ve damaged my brain enough for today while staring at this computer screen, so I’m gonna go and read on my tiny phone screen for another three hours because it’s perfectly fine to get negative two hours of sleep (because at this rate, that’s the only amount of sleep that’s even a possibility XD). Anyway, bye!

P.S. Just a note for the future, the later it gets, the stranger my posts will be. This is your warning. (GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!) Haha!