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Alright, so I’ve decided to do a new thing to promote my books:

Each month, I will begin sending out monthly newsletters which give hints about future works of mine, additional information never revealed before in the novels already finished or published, access to helpful writing tools and inspiration, and explanations about the cultures, creatures, and lands I write about. They will also contain news on any freebies or giveaways that could be coming up!

They just began today (May 26, 2016), but will usually be posted on the 22nd of each month, so make sure you sign up now! If you miss any, you can find the link to it on my Twitter the day of their posting, but freebies/giveaways will only go to those who have subscribed to the newsletter.


I’m Back! + Nocturna Book Cover Reveal

Have you ever read a fanfiction so funny that you laugh every single time you think of it even months later? Well, okay, so I just read a Harry Potter crack fic (a fanfic made solely for laughter’s sake, really) where, during an attack on Hogwarts, Voldemort and the Death Eaters break into song to distract people. Specifically “I’ve Got a Dream” from Disney’s Tangled, where Voldemort sings an edited version of Rapunzel’s part. I die of laughter every time I see Tangled or Harry Potter now. Continue reading

Q&A: What is the Council?

The Council is a board of six Ancients, all men, who have been around since Alexei’s great-grandfather’s time. They, along with the King, make the laws of Nocturna. The Council also takes over ruling the kingdom when the son of the deceased King is under the age of adulthood, while the new King, the son, acts as a figurehead. This is why the human slaves believe King Alexei is the cause of their enslavement and grief, though it is really the Council.

Lord Zavier is a Djinn, a form of demon, with slicked-back blond hair and a nasty temperament. He was one of the three main advocators for human enslavement. He usually votes against King Alexei, siding with Lord Faustus and Lord Caius.

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NaNoWriMo Writers

As the end of November nears and writers are validating their books on, I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who succeeded writing 50,000 words this month!

I also wanted to take the time to say that if you didn’t write the 50,000 words in time, it does not make you less of a writer. It does not invalidate your ability as a writer. You are still just as much of a writer as someone who did achieve writing 50,000 words.

I’m proud of everyone who even entered the 2015 competition and you’re all winners to me.

This is actually my first time participating in NaNoWriMo and though close to the end I thought I wouldn’t finish it, I pulled through just in time. I’m very happy with my results (despite the massive stress it piled on me since I’m nearing finals week at college). I hope everyone else is as happy as me that it’s over haha.

Congratulations, everyone!


Q&A: What happens to the captured humans when they try to escape?

Nothing good. Either they try to escape and are caught and killed or they escape and are stranded.

If they are caught while trying to run, they are killed on sight. No trial, no muss, no fuss. Just death. They wouldn’t be worth the effort if they were to try to escape again. It is acceptable to simply kill the humans for disobeying the monster, so of course they would die immediately.

If they are able to escape their kidnappers, which is extremely, extremely rare, it depends on where they are located to see if they will survive or not and how many resources they have available to them.

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Writing: Embarrassing Stories

Whoo! I was finally able to get back into my routine last night! I finished a whole chapter of my third book! Sadly, I’m only ever able to write on weekends… So yeah, not a lot ever gets done during the school year, especially now that I’m taking Latin. (I am dreadful at learning languages, never doubt that.)

Okay, so today I’m gonna switch it up a bit. I’m going to post a one-shot of my third book, currently named A Haunting Melody, to let you into the minds of those characters, despite the fact that you haven’t even met them. I think it’s cute, personally, though I did write it so I’m sure I’m biased. It’s a short attempt at humor, but ha, I’m not funny. So, I hope you like it!

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Why I Write

Today, before moving on to writing my third novel, I’ve decided to tell you the reason why I write. I realize that this is a very cliché thing for writers to do, but I don’t particularly give a damn what other people have done. I have so many different reasons that I actually find it challenging to sum up my feelings without rambling on for pages, so buckle in! It’s gonna be a long one.

I first began writing to escape from the world. From elementary school until even now, I have suffered from anxiety disorders, primarily severe social anxiety disorder. As an introvert to begin with, my anxiety only made life much harder when facing school, classmates, jobs, and social activities. I turned to books as a way to cope. I read all the fantasy romance books I could find, but I was always so upset when the books ended.

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Q&A: When were humans introduced to Nocturnian society?

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Humans have always been a threat to creatures. Hunted for sport or glory, slaughtered for their fearsome looks, and marked as evil just because they are what humans are not. That is why Nocturna was created, as a refuge from the terrorization of humans, where they could all live free of fear. Alone, they were weak,  but in great numbers, they are strong. It lasted like this for many centuries, the humans and monsters separate but together. Kings of Nocturna made treaties with the Kings of humans or allied in wars with them.

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Two Hundred Followers!!!

I just hit a subscriber mark of 200 people!! Thank you so much, everyone, for following my posts. It truly means a lot to me.

I hope that my book will be published soon (either through agents or through self-publishing) so I can give you the one thing you’re probably waiting for. And as I said earlier, my monthly newsletters will begin going out on September 22, 2015.

I will be posting another Q&A post later this week, so be on the lookout for that too. Right now I’m busy editing BEASTLY DECEPTION, so I’ll be distracted with that for a little while, but I promise to post it by Saturday.