Hey Again!

Wow, it feels like it's been a really long time in all honesty. I'm so excited though! My book NOCTURNA is (probably, most likely, based on my current timeline) going to be released for preorder in both eBook and Paperback format on Amazon.com! If you don't happen to remember or if you're a new, curious … Continue reading Hey Again!


Monthly Newsletters

Alright, so I’ve decided to do a new thing to promote my books: Each month, I will begin sending out monthly newsletters which give hints about future works of mine, additional information never revealed before in the novels already finished or published, access to helpful writing tools and inspiration, and explanations about the cultures, creatures, and lands … Continue reading Monthly Newsletters

Q&A: When were humans introduced to Nocturnian society?

Hey, everyone! Remember to subscribe to my monthly newsletter! Only 4 more days until it is sent out! Humans have always been a threat to creatures. Hunted for sport or glory, slaughtered for their fearsome looks, and marked as evil just because they are what humans are not. That is why Nocturna was created, as … Continue reading Q&A: When were humans introduced to Nocturnian society?