Character Profile: Blair

Full Name: Blair Matthew Whitaker Born: January 14, 1997 Age: 18 Born/Raised in: Whitehaven, Michigan, United States Height: 5’9” Weight: 140 lbs. Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown Species: Human (?) School: Whitehaven High School School Year: 12th Grade/Senior Job: Part-time cashier at Illusion Isle Bookstore Family: Father – Matthew Whitaker (Lawyer) Mother – … Continue reading Character Profile: Blair

Author Update – April

Hi all! How is everyone doing? Hopefully the same as if not better than last month. My brothers and my mom are miserable from being stuck inside and struggling to find ways to entertain themselves, but I -- the local, happy hermit -- am doing fine. Not getting any work done because my motivation is … Continue reading Author Update – April